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Foods that cause belly bloating

Fat burn and belly bloat

Burning fat is not an easy or fast fix, especially in stubborn areas such as our lower mid-section.  It is super irritating when belly bloat occurs especially when you have a lot of stored belly fat.  For years I would compensate by wearing larger shirts and pants to reduce the pear-shaped, dad bod look.  I would exercise with weights and cardio three times per week, and I disciplined myself with healthy food consumption during the workweek. I still could not achieve a lean midsection until I found the fat burn hack that worked for me.  In this post, I will share the truth about the foods that cause belly-bloating, as explained by Dr. Ellington Darden.

Belly bloat tends to be an uncomfortable feeling for many people, yet we ignore and tolerate it.  Bloating in the stomach can be caused by many factors, and if it is frequently happening, you should get it checked by a medical doctor to ensure it is not a severe condition.  The first step to making a change is to become aware that the irritable feeling is problematic and lessen the effect.  The feeling of discomfort is obvious when you experience increased sensitivity and pressure in your abdomen. Have you ever felt a little embarrassed when being in the company of loved ones, family or friends when you feel this 🙂 ?  The truth is that it is a frequent and annoying occurrence for about 1/3 of people.

Belly Bloat

Causes of stomach bloating, inflammation and irritation.

An upset stomach is an obvious sign that something we’ve consumed isn’t sitting well and results in bloating.  Belly bloat is essentially excess gas trapped along the digestive tract, usually within the stomach and intestines.  This disturbs the stomach and sometimes also causes heartburn and constipation.  Gas comes from two main sources, swallowed air and the normal breakdown of certain foods by harmless bacteria and tightness along the front abdomen.  Some of the gas will exit as, well, you know, flatulence.  You can apply the following practices to limit and reduce this type of belly bloat effectively.

Steer clear of gas-forming foods. Certain foods contain sugars and starches that can be difficult for some to digest.  The most common are legumes, lima beans, baked beans, lentils.  In addition, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbages, and turnip can be problematic. Be cautious with dairy products.  If your body cannot break down lactose, eating most dairy products will result in bloating.  Test and remove dairy products from your diet for a week and see if your belly bloat reduces.  Click here for a healthy food list for weight-loss.

There are over-the-counter enzymes that you can take with dairy to prevent these symptoms.

Form new habits to reduce belly bloat

Reduce salty, sodium-containing foods.  If you consume more sodium than you need, your kidneys respond by holding on to extra water to keep the sodium content in your blood regular.  Holding on to excess water makes you feel inflated.  Most chips I love and had to remove, BTW, are loaded with salt and sodium.

Drink more water. Plenty of water is a curative for too much salt in your diet and can reduce belly bloat.  Try adding lemon and a little ginger to help reduce inflammation.  Super hydration contributes to killing fat.

Many times we find ourselves attempting to keep up with life’s demands and rushing our meals.  Slow down your eating, so you don’t gulp it down quickly and be in the present moment.  This makes you swallow more air which swells your belly.  Try chewing each bite ten times before you swallow. You’ll take in less air, and you will feel full sooner.  Stop chewing gum since this will make you swallow more air.

Be aware of cold carbonated beverages and lay off the alcohol, beer, and champagne which are loaded with calories.  I know this isn’t easy but avoid it if you can, and you’ll experience the difference on your way to a lean core.

Keep your meals small and more frequent. 400 calories per meal is a reasonable amount for men and 300 for women.

If you can instill these habits, you’ll be able to control bell bloat and your fat cells by shrinking them significantly and get rid of unwanted pounds and inches while strengthening your entire body.  You can refer to an earlier post on fat loss and thermodynamics here.

Restful Sleep

Stress levels and sleep

I know just how difficult it is to release belly fat when stress levels are high.  For years I worked hard and remained disciplined with exercise routines in the gym while trying many diets. The most stubborn area to release is stomach fat.  If your goal is to eliminate bloating and let go of belly fat, you will find that high-stress levels will challenge you in getting to a trim waistline.  Stress is going to happen in life, especially if you are the type of person who is continuously growing.  It can be time pressure or emotional pressure and tension when the demand you face exceeds your capacity. 

The good news is that stress means that you are stretching beyond your comfort zone, and there are many ways to manage it so that it doesn’t become a chronic habitual everyday experience.  Your response and the way you reframe and give meaning to these situations will determine your level of control.  You can talk it out with a family member or friend, get a massage, try mediation, get out for nature walks, watch movies that make you laugh, exercise, and the list can go on.

Catch up on your sleep.  Stop eating at 8 pm as the less digestion going on in your belly, the longer and better you will sleep.  Make sure to get enough sleep consistently.  We need between 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep each night to function well the next day.  The lack of sleep can impact your gut health, and over time, poor gut health could worsen your sleep patterns and cause insomnia.  Talk to your family doctor if this is an issue for you. 

You can also research the benefits of consuming probiotic food and drink such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. Essentially, probiotics are microorganisms that contribute to a healthy gut when ingested.  You can also consume probiotics in the form of a supplement, and you can buy them at health food stores and pharmacies.

I encourage you to keep a close eye on these causes and test your habits to learn what works for you.  Medical experts refer to the gut as our body’s second brain, so let’s keep it healthy.  Feeling healthy, energetic and focused are the result of good daily habits.

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  1. Belly bloating is an issue a lot of people suffer with. thank you for your article-Foods that cause belly bloating. Belly bloating can affect the way you feel and think about yourself, create self-esteem issues. We should do the little we can to control bloating, if you want the results, you should be willing to sacrifice and do the work. watch you diet, exercise and get adequate sleep.

  2. Stomach bulging is an issue many individuals endure with. Much thanks to you for your article-Foods that reason stomach swelling. Stomach swelling can influence how you feel and consider yourself, make confidence issues. Although, we ought to do the little we can to control swelling. If you need the outcomes, you ought to forfeit and accomplish the work. Watch your diet, practice, and get satisfactory rest.

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