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Get rid of lower belly fat – Try high intensity interval training

Take your fat burn to the next level

Today’s post is a continuation of my article from January 21 regarding some of the best belly fat burning exercises.   I will share a few more exercises that get rid of lower belly fat when done as part of high-intensity interval training or HIIT.   The HIIT cardiovascular exercise strategy alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise combined with very low-intensity active recovery breathing periods.   An example would be to do a quick burst of 30-40 seconds of a movement such as high knees or mountain climbers and then an active rest period of light jogging on the spot for 20 seconds before beginning the next interval.

The training session’s length will depend on your fitness level, and most people start with at least 30 minutes of training.  It is best to start with a warm-up period of lighter exercises such as jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, glute kicks, and deep squats.   You can rotate these exercises every 30 seconds for up to a total of 10 minutes.   Once you complete a warm-up, take a 3-4 minute break before working on 2 to 3 sets of 12-15 minutes each.

Challenge yourself by wearing a weighted vest or try using resistance bands around your lower quads to strengthen your legs and glutes.   You can also use a jump training box to target your glutes, hamstrings, quadricepts, and calves.  This type of training is one of my favorites as it is very effective at releasing significant fat mass over time.

Get rid of lower belly fat with less time at the gym

For several years, I spent 30-40 minutes doing cardio on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or even jogging outdoors and found it challenging to get the true results I was after.   I used to push through and do it anyway as the dopamine release made me feel good, but I could never shed lower belly fat no matter how much time I spent with this type of cardio exercise.

Besides, it is quite boring to do these steady-state cardio exercises day in and day out.   Looking back, I cannot believe how long I stuck with it.   I used to tell myself that if I can stick with it, at least I’ll be maintaining my weight.   Maintaining weight was the result; however, I could not achieve a leaner midsection and overall physique using this method.    When I turned to HIIT, everything changed, and I began to achieve excellent results within the first 10 weeks.

The benefits of high-intensity interval training

A key benefit to note is that HIIT burns additional calories for a period of 24 to 48 hours after your workout is over, compared to the long steady-state treadmill sessions that only burn calories while you exercise.   This makes HIIT a much more effective training regimen.

The second benefit is time savings.   A HIIT session only takes about 45 minutes out of your day and can be done from the comfort of your own home.   Most people procrastinate and skip their gym sessions because they are short on time.  Consider the time it takes to get to the gym, change, get your workout in, shower and get back to work or home.   You have to allocate at least 2.5 hours of your day.   Time is valuable to everyone, and it isn’t feasible to be spending 2.5 hours, 3 to 4 times per week going to a gym.   For years I used to go to a gym first thing in the morning before heading to the office and although it was an excellent disciplined activity, it consumed too much of my time each week.   You can begin testing HIIT at home and take back several hours each week to focus on other productive activities.  There are many guides on the market to chose from that can get you started and planning your program.

Exercise strategy using HIIT

As you plan your session you must time the exercises in short intervals or 30-40 seconds as you will need a burst of speed to cause you to get up to 80%-90% of your heart rate to be effective.   Make sure to push yourself to the max during these bursts.   Doing so will expand your lung capacity and improve your glucose metabolism.   Make sure to be planning for high-intensity exercises that cause a quick spike in heart rate.   You want to push yourself to the last second.   For example, if you are doing an exercise such a high knees, you want to get to your max speed before beginning the timer for 30 seconds.   You will achieve results faster when you are at maximum speed for every second.    If you are going to experiment and test HIIT, I recommend you plan to work out on alternate days of the week to give your body additional time to replenish oxygen stores and recover.   In time you can work up to 5 to 6 sessions per week.

In addition to the exercises from my post dated January 21, I will list a few others below, such as:

180-degree jump squats

Start in a regular squat position, making sure to keep your back straight and chin up.  Then jump and rotate your body 180 degrees, landing again in a regular squat.  Repeat back and forth for your 30-40 second interval.

180 degree jump squats

Lateral Jumps

Jump laterally from side to side, bend your knees, keep your back straight, and keep your chin up.  Use your arms to get more power and to create stability as you land.

Lateral Jumps

Sumo squats

Do a regular squat.  As you extend your legs, kick out to the side, keeping your leg at waist level and tightening your obliques alternate legs with a regular squat in between each kick.  Do the same thing, repeat for a 30-40 second interval.

1, 2, 3’s

Step laterally for three steps, and then lift your knee to waist level.  This will generate a lateral crunch working your obliques.  Always stay on your tiptoes for greater mobility, agility and speed.

Front jump squat

Take two steps back, then jump forward, landing in a deep squat,  extend your legs, take two steps back again, and continue to repeat the move as fast as you can.

It’s time to say goodbye to long steady-state cardio sessions on a treadmill or exercise bike.  If you are feeling stuck, or are looking for more help to get in shape, you can message me for a brief consultation.

If you tried HIIT in the past, I encourage you to share your experiences by commenting below.

12 thoughts on “Get rid of lower belly fat – Try high intensity interval training”

  1. As I am getting older, I find it harder to get rid of belly fat, so found this post very helpful. I prefer doing exercises at home as I do not feel comfortable visiting the gym during lockdown and with social distancing, so it is great that I can do these high intensity exercises at home. 

    Do you think it would be better to have a gym mat to “cushion” my joints a bit when I do the jumps? Or can I do it outside on the grass which will be softer than a concrete floor? 

    1. Hello,  thanks for sharing your experience.   Yes, a cushion is absolutely necessary as there are some exercises where you will kneel and stand back up or do push-ups, jumps, and planks.   Resistance bands and a weighted vest will also help you accelerate towards your goals as you get comfortable.  Best wishes.

  2. Hi Michael and thanks for such an informative post. I have been trying to use exercise that is basically for maintenance. I can easily see that HIIT exercise would be the way to go to trim down belly fat, and get you in good shape in a hurry! I am getting older and my muscles and joints don’t move as well as they did in earlier years. I do not expect to keep pace with you, but by varying the tempo of exercise, I am certain there would be more noticeable results.

    1. Thanks for your comments and sharing your experience Carolyn.  Try it at your own pace and remember to switch it up to keep your body guessing and stretch your comfort zone one little step at a time.

  3. Hello Michael

    Thank you for this very helpful post. I have been looking for new ways to burn calories and especially my lower stomach is a problem area. I have been on the treadmill regularly for the past year literally since 27 March 2020 🙂

    It has helped me lose 10kg which I’m ecstatic about as it was hard work to get into the routine and to eat healthier , however my stomach needs attention and I wanted to know if all the jumps and squats will address this or should I be doing crunches ? I had no clue that after a session on treadmill the calorie burning stops I thought it lasts me a few hours into the day 🙂 

    Thanks for the enlightment


    1. Hi Janine,  Thanks for sharing your recent success! Congratulations!   A combination of exercises including jump squats, jumping jacks, high knees etc is the quickest method to shredding your lower abdominals vs crunches alone.   I welcome you to reach out if you would like more info and support.   

  4. I was recommended by my primary care physician as part of my exercise routine to lose body fa weight and belly fat. Then my dietician recommended foods to reduce my blood sugar (had high Hb A1c). She taught me portions. I supplemented Vit-D as per my doctor’s recommendations.

    These worked like miracles. I go to the gym and use the elliptical for high interval training exercises. At home, I do squats, which did work extremely well. I lost a lot of body weight over a few years and am not obese anymore. However there is still some lower belly fat, I got to lose. During the pandemic, I walk outside and use similar principles as walking quite first for 30 seconds, slowing down to breathe for 10-15 seconds, then going very fast. and repeat the cycle. I can’t do more than 15 minutes. Your post helped me a lot. I can hone my skills and hope for the best.

    1. Hello Anusuya.  Thanks for your comments.   I’m glad to hear the success you’ve had over time and that you adopted a form of HIIT.  Congratulations.   Keep it up so that it remains part of your weekly habits!

  5. As I am getting older, getting rid of lower belly fat has become more of a challenge. And although I am not carrying excess weight, the fat distribution in my body seems to be different than when I was younger. 

    It is very interesting to see that high intensity interval training will continue to burn calories for 24 to 48 hours after doing the training. I recently joined an exercise group for over 50’s, and can already feel the fitness level in my body has improved. These exercises that are specifically geared to be HIIT, will definitely help me to get rid of the unwanted belly fat. 

    I will certainly incorporate the different squats into my routine. Thank you for this great resource. 

    1. I appreciate your comments LineCowley.   🙌 Congratulations on starting an HIIT routine.  Stick with it for a minimum 66 days to ingrain the habit.   Your success will depend on how strong you build the habit into your lifestyle regardless of age.   Celebrate your discipline to this habit each week and watch your results appear over time.  Keep at it!

  6. Losing lower belly fat usually involves some effort, dedication, and persistence on your part. Adopting some or all of the tips and lifestyle goals outlined in this article will undoubtedly assist you in losing weight around your waist. And I realize it’s impossible to spot-treat fat and lose it from just one area of your body. Losing weight overall is the only way to lose belly fat in a healthy way.

    Just a quick question though, what causes belly fat? Can it be from our unhealthy diet?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Martina.  Yes, an unhealthy diet is a key contributor.  Refined sugar is public enemy #1.  Remove it as much as possible from your diet.  Removing It will also improve your overall liver function.   Lack of movement will cause us to hold on to body fat especially as we age and our metabolism slows.  Life stressors are also a key contributor to our bodies holding on to body fat.   

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