How to achieve personal development

How to achieve personal growth – Realize your life aspirations.

Personal growth

How to achieve personal growth is a question people find themselves asking at different stages during their life. Often times it comes up following a crisis whether it be health, financial or family related. There are many aspects to every-day life that can be a focus for development which can lead towards a more fulfilling life. In this post I will touch on a few traits for you to contemplate.

There is an old saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

Here are 3 personality traits where you can invest time and effort in to improve your quality of life.

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Emotions
  3. Fears

What is mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness is really about improving your overall awareness of thoughts, emotions and behaviors in the present moment, without interpretation or judgment. It is about paying attention to your inner and outer experience. One of the best methods to improve your level of mindfulness is through daily meditation. This can involve deep breathing techniques to relax the mind and body and help improve focus and clarity while increasing your level of consciousness. The key benefits of meditation include increased self-awareness, decreased attachment, a stronger sense of purpose and a reduced ego. With daily practice you will begin to notice more present moment inner peace and less dwelling over experiences or anticipating the future. There are many sources of information online that go deeper into the practice of becoming more mindful.

Take control of your emotions

Most people do not realize that we are not our emotions. We have emotions which are the end products of our experiences. Emotions can elevate your state of mind and they can lower it just as easily. This is why we need to be aware in the present moment when we are feeling them and carefully choose to focus on those that empower us versus those that do not. We want to control our emotions as opposed to the emotions controlling our mind. We can master this ability through increasing our awareness and over time we will find ourselves on the path to a fulfilling life.

All of us have Fears

We all find ourselves having to deal with our fears. Some people avoid them and those that are successful tackle them head on. A great way to deal with any of your fears is to become conscious of them in the present moment. Once you are aware of a particular fear in the present moment, sit there and observe it, feel the sensations and ask yourself what is the true cause of it. Often times you will find it is a repetitive fearful thought that replays in your conscious mind over and over particularly when it is triggered by an experience. Fear can sit deep in your subconscious mind as a memory of a consequence from the past. As a result we create beliefs and we need to be aware that some fears are only threatening in our imagination of the future. This is what we refer to as anxiety, when a person begins to believe they will fail in the future. As we repeat the thoughts without being conscious of them they can become a habit, an unconscious reaction embedded into memory which can cause you to feel threatened by things that most times do not end up happening to you anyway. It is best to take steps towards facing and dealing with your fears directly. This will cause you to stretch and growth and move you beyond your comfort zone. People often become buried alive in comfort which can turn into misery over time. Strive to continually step outside your comfort zone and you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more inspired and motivated.

These are just 3 key areas of our inner game that we can work to improve the quality of our day to day interactions with others while taking steps towards living an extraordinary life. Feel free to leave comments or questions below or contact me directly at

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