Places to travel to – What is your preference?

An introduction to the MBV travel section


Welcome to the travel section of The content on this website is focused on maintaining a healthy mind body connection and I think the topic of travel complements this well. If you sit and think about it for a minute, your thoughts about visiting new places creates a variety of exciting choices for you. Once you complete your research and select a new destination, your choice will create new behaviors and ultimately a new life experience. The new experience is key in all of this which will create a new set of emotions and memories and will ultimately cause you to grow and evolve.


My experience


My career background has been in the aviation and travel & tourism space for the past 27 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey and professional growth thus far in this industry. I often enjoy researching new places to travel to. Travel is in my blood andTravel decisions

this is why I am passionate about the topic and feel it fits in nicely with the other niches that I focus on here at Over the years I experienced working in the commercial areas for tour  operators and airlines in corporate, leisure, sports, and retail travel agency sales. I also have intricate knowledge of  the travel technology and distribution channels which is ultimately how travel offerings get served to you  as the end consumer. In my posts I plan to share information regarding destinations and tips on a variety  of travel offerings in the marketplace.


Places to travel to – Where do I start?


If you are not someone who travels regularly you may be looking for clarity on what could inspire you to make a decision to purchase your trip. Narrowing down your choices does not have to be a complicated task. I recommend taking some time to yourself to think about the things you are interested in and the things you enjoy doing most. Here are three points to consider:

1. Start with the duration of time that you have available for the trip. Will it be a quick weekend getaway, a one-week vacation or a longer stay? This will help you decide on a short haul versus a long haul destination.

2. Secondly, you want to consider your available budget for the trip. Will it be a luxury or a budget hotel or Airbnb accommodation?

3. Will you be traveling with someone, perhaps your children? This could help further clarify your available options.

Short stay weekend getaway


These trips are exciting quick breaks and sometimes can be spontaneous decisions. People generally visit short haul destinations when they have limited time to get away. You will want to ensure that you plan just the right amount of activity so that the journey is not rushed and exhausting. Here is an idea I would like you to consider. Select a new destination where a special event of your interest is taking place.  Maybe you are interested in theater, museums, music concerts, shopping, or sports. I’ve personally experienced visiting cities around the United States to watch my Toronto sports teams play as a visitor in some very exciting atmospheres at NHL, NBA and MLB sporting venues. I planned these trips around the event and also took in some sight seeing, dining and shopping while I was there. There are a number of travel suppliers that offer mini-stay packages that can help you save time researching all the components for yourself.

Longer stay getaways


I enjoy taking a minimum one-week off if I’m going to pack up and take a vacation. Seven days gives you just the right amount of time to get relaxed and recharge before coming back to everyday life. For some people it actually takes 2 or 3 days to wind down particularly if they lead a very busy lifestyle. First, you should consider the type of vacation that suits your style.

1. Do you prefer sight seeing and learning about cultures?

2. How about the adventure type of holiday?

3. Would you like to be in a peaceful environment surrounded by palm trees with beautiful beaches? Perhaps a cruise!

4. What weather temperatures are you comfortable with?

Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down your options to make a decision. I prefer the beach and palm trees type of vacation when I need to break free to recharge my battery. I find these vacations to be very relaxing with many options to go out and take an adventure or do some sightseeing depending on the destination.


Whatever your preference may be, you can find a variety of information online to help you decide. Over time, I will be posting information on destination experiences as well as the best options to purchase vacation products. If you are currently researching destinations, try visiting online travel providers such as where you can find a wealth of information and pricing. Additionally, if it is just airfare that you are looking for you can review a number of online low fare search aggregators such as Kayak, Google flights and Skyscanner to name a few.

What is your preferred vacation destination and how do you typically go about purchasing it? I invite you to leave a comment or question below.

6 thoughts on “Places to travel to – What is your preference?”

  1. i travel 3 times a year ,mostly for holiday and adventure picture or work some time i feel nervous about the place .search some acritical about travel to calm and helpful tips. its really helpful information to attention travel tip.. You may only see these places & meet these people once your happy to find this article ,really helpful.

  2. Because of COVID-19, I have been considering the huge priviledge involved in traveling. And I have written among my new year’s resolutions: “To travel more”. I know that this should be more specific. But your post has helped me to shape better what would be best for me based on interests when it comes to traveling. I’ll try to be more specific concerning places and months I’d like to travel.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback. This pandemic will be behind us at some point and your goal to travel more will come to life. In the interim, visualize and plan for that eventual new experience.

  3. I believe that it is a very innovative idea that you can come up with this to try to help us understand more about traveling. This is truly a good section on your website. I feel like I love a place that is colorful and just simply simple with lovely people all around who love to accommodate and show people the nice places around. Would you recommend anything to m?

    1. Thank you for sharing your feedback :).  Well, if we were not in the middle of pandemic, I would recommend that you search for a sunny destination filled with beautiful palm trees within 3-4 hours flying time and go find peace and relaxation.   I’m based in Toronto so the island of Jamaica for example would be the ideal destination.

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