Do you know how many people in their late 30’s and 40’s struggle to maintain a positive mindset, good health, and a passion for life?

Are you tired of trying to make lasting changes on your own?

Well, I improve the quality of people’s lives using science and psychology to help them identify and reach their most elusive personal and professional goals.  I help them develop a plan using a proven roadmap and repeatable formula based on 60 years of research (PGI) to achieve more and live an exceptional life.

You can expect to strengthen your MINDSET,  improve your PHYSICAL HEALTH and expand your CONFIDENCE.

It’s the clearest and fastest path to achieve any desired goal.

Book a free consultation with me and together we’ll determine the best path forward to achieve your goals and dreams.  

Live on Purpose!

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Customers Reviews

I found Michael to be very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. He is calm and patient yet pushes me beyond my comfort zone to expand my lung capacity through his HIIT program. My experience has been excellent and I've dropped 17 pounds during the program!
James Costa
Working professional