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Hello everyone and welcome to Mind Body Vibrance. My name is Michael and I am keen on sharing useful information and products with you that will help you live a balanced and healthy life.   The published website content is focused on fitness, well-being, personal growth, and travel.

I personally started taking the path towards living a healthier lifestyle more than 17 years ago when I purchased my first gym membership at GoodLife fitness. It was only a few years later that I found myself becoming very interested in personal growth and seeking knowledge by reading and listening to audio teachings of mentors such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and John Assaraf. All of these individuals have shared a great amount of knowledge and wisdom that is truly inspiring. We all want to be inspired to put out the best version of ourselves to the world. My goal is to help individuals take small steps each day towards doing just that.

It takes a commitment to invest in yourself to learn the knowledge and skills. The most important piece is that we must take uncomfortable action steps each and every day to stretch our boundaries and become a healthier, stronger version of ourselves both from a mindset and physical perspective.

I am committed to helping individuals on this particular journey. If you ever need a hand or have any questions feel free to reach me directly michael@mindbodyvibrance.com or leave a comment below. You can also follow me on IG @mindbodyvibrance or on FB.

All the best to you.



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