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I grew up in Toronto, ON Canada to parents who immigrated from Europe in the 70’s.  As newcomers to this great country my parents made ends meet by labouring hard for long hours every day.  To them that seemed to be the definition of success and it became part of my belief system, my paradigm.  

I’ve had a successful 27 year career in the airline industry and for many of those years it was all about working hard for my employer and dedicating all my energy to each role I played as I made my way up the leadership ladder.   At the time I thought I was achieving a fair amount of success based on the environment I was raised in however I was completely off balance from a work/life perspective.  By the time I reached my 40’s I was out of physical shape and I was mentally exhausted most of the time.  My family life suffered and broke down and so did I.   I hit the wall with a deep emotional impact that shifted my beliefs and perspective on life.  

For the past several years I’ve worked with a couple of world renowned mentors that put me on a path to lasting change.  I made a committed decision to make Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial and Mental Health my top priorities every single day.  

Today, my purpose is to take all my life lessons, methods, techniques and proven strategies to show you exactly how to achieve what you want in life while navigating all obstacles that will most certainly stand in your way.

I look forward to having our chat about what it is you really, really want in life.

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