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Mindbodyvibrance.com is an informational website dedicated to bringing you tips and advice on how to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.  I cover topics that I am passionate and live for which are fitness, well-being, personal development and  travel.

Please note that it is important for us to keep the shared information on this site 100% complimentary for our audience and potential clients.  To help fund this initiative, we’ve partnered with suppliers to offer their featured products and earn a commission if you purchase them through our links.  Please read our full disclosure here.

In addition I offer fitness coaching in the specialized area of high-intensity resistance training to help you achieve physical and emotional results.  With your commitment, I can help you transform your body while feeling mentally strong and motivated.  You will gain discipline and habits that will lead to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

This website is operated by Michael Curmi, a health and fitness enthusiast who is dedicated to serving others and making a difference in their lives by sharing information, experience, and advice.

Overall well-being is so important to help us through the day-to-day challenges in life, so please browse through our website and share with your friends and family.

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